Using the original factory technical manuals I am able to ensure and guarantee your Contax or Nikon will give many more years service. On most repairs I offer a full 12 months guarantee based around the good old principle of trust.

I will repair the camera under warranty if during the term of the guarantee the equipment breaks down due to component failure or my repair.

I will not repair the camera under warranty IF the camera/lens/equipment has been subjected to any of the following:

  • Water/liquid/moisture or any other fluid
  • Grit/sand/dust/abrasive materials
  • Impact or having been dropped or knocked
  • 3rd party repair or attempted repair by any other person not authorised by me
  • Crushing/excessive heat and cold
  • Abduction by aliens or most things cat related

If your fair and honest with me then I will reciprocate and believe me, in 25+years of repairing I have heard most excuses when it comes to cameras breaking down, and yes, cats have been to blame on several occasions! Simple.

It’s how business should be – mutual trust, and if the camera is outside warranty, you’ll get a great price on the repair anyway!

Spare Parts

I have available a selection of spare parts for camera’s no longer supported by the manufacturers due to age or availability. Some are brand new and some are salvaged from broken cameras but will still provide many years of service. All spare parts are supplied at the purchasers own risk and no liability will be accepted for ANY loss or damage to your equipment however caused. If you decide to try to repair the equipment yourself then that’s your privilage however, as mentioned previously, camera and lenses are highly complex pieces of machinery and whilst you may be able to take it apart easily, reassembly is a totally different task. Often there are spring tensions to be applied, gears have to be set in certain positions and levers aligned to ensure the camera or lens will function.

To calibrate shutter speeds and exposures you will need very specialist equipment like the Kyoritsu Multiplex Camera Tester and the knowledge to handle the sometimes very complex set up proceedures not to mention specialist and expensive tools such as lenses without apertures.

Remember, no technician finds it amusing when they are given a bag of camera parts and asked to reassemble them into something resembling a piece of photographic equipment!


The Kyoritsu EF 8301 camera tester is the heart of the workshop and is capable of reading shutter speeds upto and including 1/8000th second. Additionally it allows exposures to be calibrated (including lenses) and meters to be adjusted using the standard light source over various EV levels.